Conversation Circle on Culture of Peace

The Peace Embassy of Brazil is a neutral space where action strategies are created to advance the culture of peace, through the strengthening of community bonds. It works as a hub of initiatives, where those who are willing to help connect with those in need. The Embassy of Peace also bestows visibility to actions that already exist, pushing them even further.

The #TerceirasIntenções movement encourages the meeting of different groups of people and institutions to share passions and projects, with the common objective of promoting the Culture of Peace.

Maria Paula Fidalgo, actress, activist, and Ambassador of Peace invited:

Patrícia Viterbo – Social Responsibility Program Manager

Rejane Pacheco – Recycling Sounds: Classical Music as Social Inclusion

Everardo de Aguiar Lopes – Affectivity that generates Effectiveness in Public Policies

Elce Guimarães – Internal Ecology

Monk Sato – Jushoku Buddhist Monk 

It started with the Ambassador of Peace followed by the guests talking about their experiences and points of view on the practice of the Culture of Peace.

Then a beautiful meditative practice by Monge Sato took place.

The closure was held by a question-and-answer round for the speakers.

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